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Areas of pain needing pain management.

Areas of Pain

Arm Pain
Back Pain
Body Pain
Foot Pain
Hand Pain
Head Pain
Joint Pain
Knee Pain
Leg Pain
Neck Pain
Post Surgical Pain
Shoulder Pain
Spine Pain

Pain Management at Spring Physical Therapy

At Spring Physical Therapy, our team offers a wide variety of services that can provide instant and long-term relief from pain. We specialize in pain management techniques such as non-invasive treatments and injections to help patients reduce or eliminate their discomfort. By utilizing our services, patients can find comfort in the knowledge that their pain can be managed effectively and efficiently.

Our mission is to provide pain management services to anyone, regardless of age, who is suffering from acute or chronic pain. We believe everyone deserves to have relief from pain caused by surgery, illness or injury.

Since my car accident two years ago, I’ve been struggling with chronic pain. That all changed when I started physical therapy at Spring Physical Therapy. They developed a personalized plan that helped me manage the pain and showed me exercises I could do at home. Thanks to them, I’m living a much more pain-free life!

Johnathan W.

At Spring Physical Therapy, we strive to prevent our patients from undergoing unnecessary surgery, so we prioritize natural methods of pain relief. However, if the intensity of the condition cannot be treated with a natural approach, we may need to take a stronger, more direct approach. When this happens, pain management therapy is an effective non-surgical option we use. Through the use of injections, our doctors are able to treat the affected area rather than the entire body, efficiently targeting the source of our patient’s pain.

At Spring Physical Therapy, we understand that pain management is a complex issue. Our team of experienced physical therapists provide an evidencebased and individualized approach to helping people manage their pain. Through comprehensive assessments, goaloriented treatment plans and patient education, we strive to help our patients reach their highest potential so they can return to the activities they love. Our years of experience and dedication to our patients have enabled many to reduce or eliminate their pain without the use of medications, needles or surgeries.

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