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Physical Therapy Exercises Recovery Help

Our physical therapy rehabilitation program is designed to help Houston residents recover from musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, improve their physical function and get back to their normal capabilities. We rely on a combination of therapeutic processes, exercise and functional activities to relieve pain, restore motion and enhance strength. We understand each individual has their own physical goals and battles, and our job is to create a personalized plan that works for them.

Our therapists assess joint motion and stability, muscle strength and flexibility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and the ability to do daily activities, adjusting to the patient’s comfort level. Our team of medical professionals provide the best care to help you accomplish your recovery goals. Join Houston’s top physical therapy and rehabilitation program to get back on track after an accident or surgery.

Post-operative Physical Therapy

Post-operative physical therapy can help people recover from their injuries by restoring muscle strength and joint range of motion, improving athletic performance and reducing or preventing post-operative complications. This is done through patient-specific exercises prescribed by the physical therapist. Exercises may include stretching, strengthening, balance retraining and stabilization. All of these exercises can help the patient regain their pre-injury levels of activity and prevent further injury or pain. Post-operative physical therapy can also help control swelling, reduce pain, improve joint mobility, restore and improve muscle strength, improve balance and coordination and maximize functional ability. All of these components are important in helping individuals safely return to their pre-injury activities.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises such as using weights, bands and body weight exercises help people with injuries recover by increasing strength, mobility and range of motion. They help reduce pain, improve overall function, rebuild muscle strength and avoid atrophy. They can be used to improve muscle function after injury or to increase performance before activity. They help improve stability and balance, which helps protect the joints from injury. This can speed along a person’s recovery time, as well as reduce scar tissue and improve joint alignment.

Dynamic Stabilization Activities

Spring Physical Therapy provides patients with the tools to strengthen their body and increase dynamic stabilization. Through a combination of therapeutic exercises and activities tailored to the individual’s needs, we are able to help patients achieve a healthy balance of mobility and stability while reducing the risk of injury. Our physical therapists are experienced in formulating comprehensive programs designed to promote proper form, movement, and balance. Our team utilizes a wide variety of exercises and equipment to facilitate dynamic stabilization such as balance and postural control, trunk stability, coordination, and dynamic flexibility. By helping patients to build strength, reduce pain, and enhance their overall quality of life, we are able to revolutionize patient care and provide them with the support and education they need to reach their goals.

Balance and Coordination Training

Spring Physical Therapy offers balance and coordination training to help patients who experience unsteadiness or difficulty with coordination. Our physical therapists are trained to create personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual’s needs. We use a variety of treatment approaches, such as balance training, gait training, and manual therapy, specifically designed to improve balance and coordination. Our physical therapists will provide instruction on basic coordination activities, such as stepping or hopping, as well as more complex training to improve coordination and balance across a wide range of activities, such as those needed to play sports or run. To help our patients reach their goals, our therapists may also incorporate muscular strength and endurance training, balance and coordination drills, postural re-education and functional activities. Through our balance and coordination training, our physical therapists help our patients improve their ability to safely and independently navigate their environment.

Isokinetic and Closed Kinetic Chain

At Spring Physical Therapy, we believe in providing the best in physical therapy treatments to our patients. We specialize in isokinetic and closed kinetic chain activities, and our therapists are highly qualified to do so. Isokinetic activities such as stretching, strengthening, and improving range of motion can help improve both joint and muscle strength and performance. Closed kinetic chain activities such as walking, running, hopping, and jumping provide greater stability for the knee and hip joints while increasing the demand on the core muscles. Our trained professionals understand how to engage and strengthen those muscles, which will help increase the strength and coordination of the whole body. We also employ the use of up-to-date equipment such as straps, bands, exercise balls, and resistance bands to help increase the intensity of the workouts. We will work with each patient to develop an individualized and progressive plan of care tailored to their specific needs and goals..

Progressive Resistance Activities

Spring Physical Therapy helps patients with progressive resistance activities to regain strength and mobility. Progressive resistance activities involve the use of weighted equipment, increasing the amount of resistance gradually over time. This helps the patient to progress in their overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Spring Physical Therapy assesses each patient’s specific needs and creates individualized exercise plans based on the patient’s current abilities and goals. These activities help the patient to gradually build muscle strength, stamina, and confidence, while avoiding injury. As the patient progresses, our physical therapists will gradually increase the resistance with either larger weights or faster paces. We understand that progress can be slow, but with our assistance, our patients can reach their goals in a healthy and safe way.

Cardiovascular-aerobic Conditioning

Spring Physical Therapy helps patients with cardiovascular-aerobic conditioning by focusing on optimizing the body’s natural abilities to condition the cardiovascular system. Through the use of exercises such as running, biking, swimming, and other activities, our therapists can help patients improve their aerobic endurance by challenging their heart, muscles, and lungs, and improving their overall fitness and health. Our therapists can also help to reduce blood pressure, increase energy levels, and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events. Additionally, we are able to help patients work on their posture, balance, and flexibility which can help with better breathing patterns that are important for better oxygenation of the body and improved aerobic conditioning.

Sport-specific Activities and Training

At Spring Physical Therapy, we specialize in helping patients who need sport-specific activities and training. Our team of experienced physical therapists is equipped to create specific programs to fit the individual needs of each patient. We use the latest equipment and technology to provide personalized services that will help our patients maximize their potential. We focus on improving range of motion and muscular strength, utilizing exercises tailored to the patient’s particular sport. No matter the activity the patient needs help with, we can provide the resources to help them reach their goals. Our expert team is committed to patient satisfaction, offering the guidance and support necessary for them to achieve their goals and excel in their chosen activity.

Postural Education

Spring Physical Therapy helps patients with postural education in a number of ways. Physical therapists use a variety of treatment techniques to identify and correct faulty postural patterns that can lead to pain and injury. Muscles are strengthened and stretched to restore normal functioning. With postural education they learn how to stand, sit, and move properly. In addition, therapists provide education on proper body mechanics that help patients to avoid injury and stay safe in their daily activities. Therapists also demonstrate correct postures and corrective exercises to help restore movement control and optimize musculoskeletal balance. Patients are encouraged to perform postural assessments and regimens on their own in order to maintain proper postural alignment. With postural education, Spring Physical Therapy helps patients to gain control of their environment and engage in activities in a safe and effective manner.

Ergonomic Training

At Spring Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of ergonomics in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our therapists are fully trained in ergonomic principles and have the tools to assess how an individual works and moves throughout their day, and can also identify any movement patterns or habits that could cause injury or worsen any pre-existing conditions. With ergonomic training, our therapists can help guide a patient towards making necessary changes to their workspace and lifestyle that are more comfortable, pain-free, and injury-free. Our ergonomic training plan is tailored to the individual’s needs and can include posture and body alignment advice, as well as education on specific exercises and stretches that will benefit the patient in the long run.

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